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  • Long-term disability insurance

    The Texas Income Protection PlanSM (TIPP) offers long-term disability insurance to eligible employees. This coverage is not available to family members or retirees. This optional benefit provides you with a portion of your monthly salary if illness or injury keeps you from working. To be eligible for benefits, a physician must certify you as totally disabled. The length of time you receive benefit payments depends on your age at the onset of the disability.

    Aon Hewitt is the third-party administrator for the TIPP.

    For more information, review the TIPP FAQs and the various ways TIPP updates were communicated.

  • Outline of the state of Texas 
  • Who is eligible for disability insurance?

    Active employees are eligible to enroll in disability insurance. Family members and retirees are not eligible.

    Employees on unpaid leave of absence are eligible to continue coverage by paying premiums directly to ERS.

  • How to Enroll

    Sign into your account and select Post Hire Change to make changes for new employees or rehires. Otherwise, you may sign up if the election of coverage is consistent with a qualifying life event (within 31 days) or during Annual Enrollment. Disability EOI approval is required to enroll. 

    During Annual Enrollment, log in to your account and select Benefits Enrollment to make changes. If you need assistance, contact your benefits coordinator, Health and Human Services Employee Service Center, or ERS.

  • EOI Application Process
    Process to apply for evidence of insurability for optional life, dependent term life and disability insurance.
  • What are the benefits?

    This optional benefit provides you with a portion of your monthly insurance salary if illness or injury keeps you from working.  

    Qualifying for benefits 

    • This benefit includes a pre-existing conditions clause  
    • Certified as totally disabled by an approved practitioner  
    • Completed the waiting period  
    • Approved for disability payments

    Waiting period

    Before the plan begins to pay you benefits, you must:  

    • use your sick leave balance, extended sick leave, and sick leave pool, and 
    • finish a 180-day waiting period. Sick leave use and waiting period run concurrently. 

    Monthly Benefit  

    • Maximum: lesser of 60% of your monthly salary (up to maximum covered monthly salary of $10,000) or $6,000.  
    • Minimum: not less than 10% of your income (occurs if you are receiving Worker’s Compensation, a disability retirement benefit, Social Security benefits, or other disability benefits)  

    Coverage Period 

    The maximum benefit period depends on your age at the time of disability. Once you are approved for benefits and complete the required waiting period, benefits are paid until you return to work, reach full Social Security Retirement Benefits age, or are no longer considered totally disabled under the plan. If you become disabled at age 69 or older, benefits are payable for up to 12 months.  

    For complete plan information, see the 2014 Master Benefit Plan Document for the Disability Income Benefits Plan