Occupational disability retirement

To apply for a disability retirement, download and fill out the Disability Retirement Packet. You must meet strict conditions to qualify for occupational disability retirement.

  • You must have at least one month of ERS service credit.
  • You must apply within two years of the injury date reported with your agency.
  • You must have contributed to ERS in the month you became disabled.
  • Your injury must have occurred at a definite time and place.
  • Your injury must be sudden and unexpected, resulting from a dangerous job duty not common to the general public.
  • You must be mentally or physically unable to perform your job, or any other job earning similar pay.
  • You must request reasonable accommodations for your condition through your agency.
  • The ERS Medical Board must certify your disability is likely to be permanent and prevents you from working at any job for similar pay.

If your application for disability retirement is approved, you will receive a monthly retirement check and insurance benefits.