Basic Term Life AD&D Benefit

Basic Term Life includes an accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) benefit. The policy pays an additional AD&D benefit to your beneficiary.

Accidental Death Benefit 

If you die as the direct result of an accidental Bodily Injury, the policy pays an additional AD&D benefit of $5,000. Report the death to ERS.

Dismemberment Benefit

If you have an accident and experience one of the bodily losses below as a direct result of the accident, you are eligible for Basic Term Life AD&D benefits.

  • Loss of your hand by actual severance through or above the wrist.
  • Loss of your foot by actual severance through or above the ankle joint.
  • Loss of your sight in one eye resulting in total and permanent loss of vision that cannot be recovered by surgery or other means.

If one of the covered bodily losses occurs, you receive a benefit of $2,500. If two or more covered bodily losses occur at the same time, you receive a benefit of $5,000. Benefits are not paid if you independently loses one or more fingers, one or more toes, or incur a partial loss of sight. Steps to file a claim for dismemberment benefits.