Medicare coverage

Your Medicare coverage includes:

  • Part A (hospital insurance)—there is no cost for Part A.
  • Part B (medical insurance)—you pay a monthly premium for Part B. Purchase when you are first eligible. If you delay, you pay more.

At this time, you do not need to enroll in Medicare Part D. If you participate in an ERS health plan, your state health coverage is comparable to Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage. You won’t pay a penalty as long as you have the Notice of Creditable Coverage.

Under age 65 

If you are working past your 65th birthday, you do not need to purchase Medicare Part B coverage until you retire or leave state employment.

Over age 65 

When you turn age 65, as long as you are enrolled in Medicare, you will automatically be enrolled in the HealthSelect Medicare Advantage Plan. HealthSelect Medicare Advantage replaces both Medicare and HealthSelectSM of Texas as your primary and secondary coverage. As a member of the HealthSelect Medicare Advantage plan, you are part of the HealthSelectSM of Texas prescription drug program, managed by Caremark.

If you decide to not enroll in or disenroll from the HealthSelect Medicare Advantage Plan and revert back to your previous GBP health coverage, then Medicare is the primary payer, and your GBP health coverage is the secondary payer. After you meet your annual deductibles (if applicable), Medicare generally pays 80% of eligible charges. Your state health plan coordinates to pay secondary to Medicare.