Disabled TRS or ORP Retiree

You are eligible to enroll in the State's insurance program if you are certified as a TRS or ORP disabled retiree and fulfill all of the following requirements:

  1. You have at least 10 years of service credit in ERS, TRS, or the ORP, or any entity that participates in the state retirement program. You may also apply service credit under proportionate retirement as part of your 10 years if you are eligible.
  2. Employees hired after August 31, 2001 must have 10 years of service in a GBP-participating agency or institution to qualify for health insurance in retirement. Employees hired prior are grandfathered which required 10 years of service, but only three years of service with a GBP-participating agency. 
  3. At retirement, you were employed by an agency or institution that participates in the State's insurance program. 
  4. You must be retired from the ORP, as required by Tex. Ins. Code §1551.102(d)(1) and §1551.102(d)(2)(B)

TRS or ORP disability retirees with at least 10 years of service credit may continue state insurance participation for as long as they continue to be certified as disabled.

Note: Health and other insurance benefits for members and retirees are subject to change based on available State funding. The Texas Legislature determines the level of funding for such benefits and has no continuing obligation to provide those benefits beyond each fiscal year.