HealthSelect MA

  • HealthSelect Medicare AdvantageSM is a health insurance plan for retirees, survivors, and their dependents who are covered by Medicare. HealthSelect Medicare Advantage replaces both original Medicare and other GBP coverage as your primary and secondary coverage. This plan also covers the Medicare deductible.

    As with all GBP coverage, you must continue to pay for Medicare Part B premiums; however, you pay less for dependent premiums and the plan has no yearly deductible.  HealthSelect Medicare Advantage also offers additional benefits, such as no cost gym memberships and health and wellness services.

    Schedule an in-person appointment with a Medicare Advantage Customer Care representative at your local Guidance Center. Customer care representatives can answer questions about claims, benefits and more.

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  • Who is eligible for HealthSelect Medicare Advantage?

    Retirees, survivors, and their dependents who are:

    • enrolled in Medicare Part A (hospital) and Part B (other medical) coverage;
    • living in the United States; and
    • not return to work (RTW) retirees (active or retiree benefit).

     All household members who are Medicare-eligible need to enroll in parts A and B of Medicare and must have the same GBP health plan. Most retirees, survivors, and their dependents enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B will be automatically enrolled in the HealthSelect Medicare Advantage Plan.

    Active employees and dependents of active employees (even if enrolled in Medicare) are not eligible for this plan.

    If your Medicare Claim Number on your card does not end in ‘A,’ you will need to call ERS toll-free at (866) 399-6908 to update your Medicare information.

    Split households

    A split household is a household of at least two people, where at least one member is enrolled in Medicare and one member is not eligible for Medicare.

    For example, Rita and Gus are married and both are currently enrolled in HealthSelect of TexasSM. Rita is a state retiree who is 65 years old and enrolled in Medicare. Gus is also retired and is enrolled as Rita’s dependent, but he is 64 years old and not yet eligible for Medicare. Rita can enroll in the HealthSelect Medicare Advantage Plan while Gus stays enrolled in HealthSelect.

    If more than one person in a household is enrolled in Medicare, all Medicare-enrolled household members must be enrolled in the same GBP health coverage plan.

    For example, Rosie and Mario are both 65, retired, enrolled in Medicare, and enrolled in HealthSelect. Mario is enrolled as Rosie’s dependent. Their daughter Gabriella lives with them, is disabled and enrolled in Medicare, and also enrolled in HealthSelect. Rosie, Mario, and Gabriella must all be enrolled in the same GBP health coverage plan. Rosie cannot enroll in HealthSelect Medicare Advantage while Mario and Gabriella stay with HealthSelect.

    Switch health plans at any time

    You can switch between HealthSelect Medicare Advantage and your previous health plan at any time during the plan year. You don’t have to wait until annual enrollment.

    Returning to work 

    If you return to work in a benefits-eligible position, you will no longer be eligible for HealthSelect Medicare Advantage and HealthSelect Medicare RxSM. Your coverage will revert to your previous GBP coverage.