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  • Annual Enrollment for Medicare-eligible retirees starts November 4

    Annual Enrollment is the time when members of the Texas Employees Group Benefits Program (GBP) can make changes to their insurance benefits, such as adding an eligible dependent to their coverage. If you’re eligible for Medicare, Annual Enrollment for you and your dependents will take place November 4-22. You will receive your Annual Enrollment packet about a week before Annual Enrollment begins.

    Retirees and survivors not eligible for Medicare, and their dependents, had their Annual Enrollment in July.


  • Outline of the state of Texas 
  • Enrollment Periods

    Please note that dependents are in the same enrollment periods as the retirees or survivors through which they have coverage. For example: 

    • Lester is a 68-year-old retired state employee enrolled in Medicare. Lester’s wife is 62 and not yet eligible for Medicare. Lester and his wife both have their Annual Enrollment period in November.
    • John is a 63-year-old retired state employee not enrolled in Medicare. John’s wife is 66 and in Medicare. John and his wife both had their enrollment in July.

    View the premium rates for Plan Year 2014.

    ERS will be hosting Annual Enrollment fairs across the State starting October 28. Find a fair in your area.

    Certification of Tobacco Use or Non-use 

    By December 30, 2013, you must certify whether you and your covered adult dependents do or do not use tobacco. If you fail to certify by December 30, you will be charged an additional Tobacco User Premium of up to $90 per household per month—even if you and your dependents don’t use tobacco. You can certify now by calling ERS toll-free at (866) 399-6908 or by signing into your ERS OnLine account. Please see the Tobacco Policies page for more information about the Tobacco User Premium.