Medicare-Eligible Annual Enrollment

  • Eligible for Medicare?

    If you are eligible for Medicare, you can change health insurance and drop coverage at any time. That means you don’t need to wait for Annual Enrollment to make changes to health insurance. Changes to other benefits can be made during Fall Enrollment (November 3 – 21, 2014).

    Covered Dependents

    Please note that dependents are in the same enrollment periods as the retirees or survivors through which they have coverage. For example:

    • Lester is a 68-year-old retired state employee enrolled in Medicare. Lester’s wife is 62 and not yet eligible for Medicare. Lester and his wife both have their Annual Enrollment period in November.
    • John is a 63-year-old retired state employee not enrolled in Medicare. John’s wife is 66 and in Medicare. John and his wife both had their enrollment in July.

    View the premium rates for Plan Year 2014.

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