Find a Dentist

  1. Go to the HumanaDental website.
  2. Select either "DHMO Dentists" or "PPO Dentists."
  3. Review and agree to the "Terms of Use."
  4. Complete your demographic information.
  5. Select a type of specialty or find a specific dentist by name and click on the "Search" link.

Information available includes:

  • provider demographics;
  • facility Information;
  • indicator that shows if the dentist is accepting new patients;
  • age restrictions; and
  • map of provider's location. 

HumanaDental DHMO

Find a network dentist on the DHMO Dentist Finder. Choose "Dentistry" for the results to include only dentists you can choose as your primary care dentist (PCD).

You must select and use a PCD before you can receive covered benefits. Approximately 25% of HumanaDental DHMO members haven’t selected a PCD. Your dependents can have different PCDs.

You can change PCDs at any time of year. Make sure you call HumanaDental and select a PCD by the 15th of the month to have your selection available the first of the next month.

State of Texas Dental Choice Plan

Find a network dentist on the PPO Dentist Finder. You can use any dentist with the Dental Choice Plan, but you get higher covered benefits by using a dentist in the HumanaDental PPO network.