Service Credit

  • When a retirement contribution is deducted from your paycheck and reported to ERS, you receive a full month’s service credit. Your service credit counts towards your ERS retirement eligibility.

  • Earn Service Credit

    Earned service credit from institutions of higher education can be used to meet retirement eligibility.

    Earned service credit from participating agencies can be used to meet retirement eligibility.

    Unused leave balances may be used at retirement.

  • Purchase Service Credit

    Purchase up to 3 years of ASC if you have at least 10 years of earned ERS service credit not including military and unused sick/annual leave.

    Purchase up to 60 months of active duty United States military service credit.

    For those hired before September 1, 1973 or after August 31, 2003.

    Withdrawn ERS service credit can be bought back.