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  • What is TexFlex?

    TexFlex is a Flexible Spending Account that lets you pay for planned out-of-pocket health and dependent day care expenses tax-free. It’s the best way to help you budget health and day care expenses. You can choose between a health care account or day care account, or use both. You don’t have to be enrolled in GBP health coverage to use this benefit.

    Pay for planned out-of-pocket health expenses tax-free, increasing your take-home pay. You can usually save about 22.65% in taxes, based on a 15% income tax bracket. If you’re in a higher tax bracket, you’ll save even more.

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  • Get Started

    • Fee for Accounts

      Pay a small administrative fee of $12 for each account. The debit card has an additional fee.

    • TexFlex Debit Card

      Pay for the expenses directly from your TexFlex account.

    • Contribution Amounts

      Decide how much to contribute, starting with as little as $15 per month.

    • Example of Savings

      See how you save money by setting aside pre-tax dollars.

    • Enroll in TexFlex

      Enroll when you are first hired, when you have a qualifying life event, or during the Annual Enrollment period.

  • Enjoy the Benefits

    • Eligible for Day Care Account

      Get reimbursed for day care expenses for your eligible dependents and family members.

    • Using Your Funds

      Pay for expenses with a TexFlex debit card, or submit a claim for reimbursement.

    • Eligible for Health Care Account

      Get reimbursed for health expenses for you and eligible family members even if you aren't enrolled in GBP health coverage.

    • Leaving Employment

      Continue to make your contributions and use your TexFlex health account even though your debit card is deactivated.

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