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Optional Term Life

  • Minnesota Life, an affiliate of Securian Financial Group, Inc., is the insurer for Optional Term Life Insurance.

    Optional Term Life Insurance provides life insurance coverage up to four times your annual salary (maximum of $400,000). You pay a monthly premium for this coverage; premiums are based on your age and level of coverage. Optional Term Life Insurance is in addition to the Basic Term Life insurance coverage provided with enrollment in health coverage. This coverage is not available to family members.

    You are eligible to sign up for Optional Term Life Insurance at Election 1, 2, 3 or 4 while you are employed. For coverage at Election 1 or 2, sign up during your first 31 days of employment and you will not need to complete evidence of insurability (EOI). After this period, EOI is required to enroll. Coverage at Election 3 or 4 always requires EOI.

    Your death must be reported to ERS to obtain the instructions and forms required to file a claim for benefits. The forms are sent to the designated beneficiary on file.

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    Pays an additional AD&D benefit.

    Your coverage may be continued without payment of any premiums if you are younger than 60 and become totally disabled for six continuous months or more.