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  • Minimize your risk of identity-theft during ERS’ administrator transition

    On September 1, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) will become the medical plan administrator for HealthSelectSM of Texas and Consumer Driven HealthSelectSM. It’s the kind of transition that social engineers love to exploit. Don’t let that happen to you! Learn how to protect your personal data.

    Time to spend your TexFlex Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) funds

    You have until August 31, 2017 to spend your FSA balance and the deadline to submit claims for the health care dollars you spent during the past benefit year is December 31, 2017. 

    New HealthSelect ID cards will be issued soon

    When Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) becomes the administrator for the medical plan on September 1, 2017, you will have separate medical and pharmacy ID cards for medical and prescription drug services. 

    ERS Board Meeting

    On August 23, the ERS Board will hold its final meeting of the 2016-17 fiscal year.

    When families exercise together

    Monday, August 6, 2017, is the first day of Exercise With Your Child week. Children six and older should exercise at least 60 minutes a day. They are more likely to get moving if their parents or caregivers get moving, too. 

    Possible calls about enrollment and health care providers

    Over the next several weeks you may get calls from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) about your doctors and/or transition of care.

    Summer Enrollment across the state and online

    Summer Enrollment fairs will be held in cities and towns across Texas. The schedule follows. If you prefer, you can plan to attend a webinar that covers Summer Enrollment basics. 

    Enrolled in HealthSelect(SM) of Texas? Be sure to choose a PCP!

    If you and your dependents have enrolled in HealthSelectSM of Texas, you will need to select a primary care physician (PCP) to receive network benefits. 

    Choosing optional benefits

    The Texas Employees Group Benefits Program (GBP) offers robust health insurance plans. There are also many optional benefits that may be just right for you and your family.

    Review your TexFlex elections

    Putting aside pre-tax money for commuter, medical and dependent care expenses makes sense for many people. 


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    HealthSelect Prescription Drug Program to have new plan administrator

    Register for the Introduction to OptumRx webinar on Tuesday November 29 at 11 a.m.

    The Employees Retirement System of Texas (ERS) Board of Trustees awarded the third-party administrator contract for the HealthSelect Prescription Drug Program to OptumRx, an affiliate of UnitedHealthcare, Inc.

    The four-year contract runs from January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2020. Caremark will continue to administer the HealthSelect Prescription Drug Program through December 31, 2016. Here are a few reminders about the change:

    • In late December, UnitedHealthcare will send a new combined medical and prescription benefits ID card with OptumRx information to HealthSelect participants.
    • New ID cards can be used beginning January 1, 2017. The new cards will replace both the current HealthSelect of Texas or Consumer Directed HealthSelect (UnitedHealthcare) ID card and the current HealthSelect Prescription Drug Program (Caremark) ID card.
    • Participants who use the prescription mail service pharmacy may want to order enough medication for use during the change.
    • OptumRx’s mail service pharmacy will be available beginning January 1, 2017. Participants with any active, refillable mail service prescriptions with Caremark will be transferred to OptumRx in early January. They will get a letter from OptumRx explaining the transfer of their refills and any next steps.

    New program website and contact information:

    You can visit www.HealthSelectRx.com for more program information about the change. The website has helpful resources such as the Locate a Pharmacy tool to find an in-network pharmacy through OptumRx, as well as answers to frequently asked questions. You can also contact customer care representatives toll-free at (866) 336-9371, TTY: 711.

    Contact Caremark for current prescription drug coverage and claims information through December 31, 2016.

    For questions about current prescription drug coverage and costs through the end of this year, call Caremark toll-free at (888) 886-8490. You can view your claims with Caremark online through December 31, 2019 at www.Caremark.com/ers.

    Meet OptumRx at the webinar

    Register for the upcoming webinar, Introduction to OptumRx , to learn about the new administrator of HealthSelect Prescription Drug Program on Tuesday, November 29 at 11 a.m. CT.

    Posted November 1, 2016

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