Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB)

A HUB vendor is an eligible vendor who is certified by Comptroller of Public Accounts/Texas Procurement and Support Services (CPA/ TPASS). ERS' HUB Program follows the purchasing guidelines established CPA/TPASS. Vendors wishing to do business with ERS should register complete the State of Texas HUB Certification process

ERS contacts HUBs whenever possible for procurements for bids that are under the $5,000 competitive procurement threshold.

Eligibility Requirements

HUB vendor eligibility requirements are a profit-making corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship, or joint venture whose:

  • Principal place of business is in Texas.
  • Ownership is at least 51% by Asian Pacific American, Black American, Hispanic American, Native American, and/or American woman.
  • Minority owners must reside in Texas, have proportionate interest, and demonstrate active participation in control, management, and operation of business affairs.



For additional HUB information, call CPA/TPASS toll-free (888.863.5881 or 512-463-5872).